Make Your Flooring Indestructible

Get concrete floor coating for your business in Finksburg, MD

Whether you're operating heavy machinery or expecting a lot of foot traffic in your warehouse, you need to make sure your floors are strong. Epoxy is one of the strongest concrete floor coating available. Let the experts of Armor - Prep Coatings, LLC handle your concrete coating project from start to finish.

If you're in Finksburg, MD and need concrete floor coating, call 443-966-1162 today.

Discover the lasting benefits of epoxy

Discover the lasting benefits of epoxy

Your industrial concrete floors need to be strong enough to withstand heavy-duty equipment. That's why we use 100% epoxy to complete your project. You can have confidence knowing that our products will:

  • Resist dents and scratches
  • Support heavy-duty machinery
  • Last for years to come

Add broadcast flakes to your final design to create a signature look. Industrial concrete floors are our specialty. Call now to schedule your service in Finksburg, MD.